Our kitchen

All the products that we grow in our garden are used in the kitchen. Our aim is to use them to prepare delicious dishes, which are no only exquisite but are also healthy.
The seasonal menu and his composition originates from the evolution of the agricultural production.
We want to offer to our guests the possibility to taste authentic flavours which are often forgotten.
Fine cuisine is strongly linked with raw material’s quality and for this reason we pay a lot of attention to that.
Extra-Virging olive oil, spices and all the products that we use are producted by us.
We propose many traditional dishes such as Pappa al pomodoro,Ribollita, Panzanella, Arista with potatoes, Florentine Crespelle, Peposo, Ravioli and Tortelli, Fettunta. Different kinds of Pecorino with our special sauces and Fiorentina steak upon request.
The only exception in the tradition is our Pizza, cooked in the wood oven and prepared with special flours and long levitations, which is then seasoned with our products.
And in conclusion our homemade desserts: Cantucci and Vin Santo, Cheesecake with apricot sauce, Jam tart, Seasonal fruit Bavarese, Mattonella, Chocolate cake and Tiramis├╣.
If requested at the time of booking, vegetarian menus are also available.